On Good Shepherd Sunday, we remember the fulfillment of God’s promise to us that He will send a good shepherd who will give us life “more abundantly”. Jesus tells us that He is the gate for us, his sheep. “Whoever enters through me will be saved.” John 10:8

SALVETE, CENTURIONES! Our inaugural Festivitas Latina, “When in Rome,” was a wonderful success in bringing ancient Rome to life for a day and enjoying friends with enriching entertainment of songs, poetry, skits in Latin and an impressive display of talent from our high schools students reenacting the demise of Julius Caesar. Our community of intentional Catholic families has taken root and is growing together in the love of our Faith, our Church and Catholic heritage. As Mr. Geier taught us that “Although Rome was a pagan culture, the Romans had many values that predisposed them to accept the teachings of Christ and spread it throughout their vast sphere of influence. One value in particular that our festival aims to highlight is the central role of the family unit in society. Just as the bonds of families were the moral core of ancient Roman society, we at The Good Shepherd Academy know that strong Catholic families are the moral core that our modern society is so much in need of these days!”  
This event was a great success highlighting the talents and creative treasures of our students and faculty with the greater Catholic community. Friends and families gathered together to partake in a day of enjoyment and to share our common bond of loving our Catholic heritage.  Thank you to everyone who brought forth a new tradition for our school, I am especially grateful for the creative talent of Mr. Matthew Geier and our entire faculty!  

We are in the final stretch of the school year!  Let’s finish the 4th quarter strong with endurance, clean uniforms, trimmed hair and bright eyes as we persevere  to June 2, 2023! Please note the many upcoming events in our last month!

Soli Deo gloria!  God bless everyone, 
Mrs. Gutierrez