Portrait of The Good Shepherd Academy Graduate

At The Good Shepherd Academy, we are committed to graduating men and women who:

  • Recognize their infinite value and dignity as persons made in God’s own image;
  • Embrace and live the teachings of the Catholic faith;
  • Form their consciences according to the objective truth of the Gospel;
  • Pray daily, attend Mass faithfully, and contemplate the beauty of Creation;
  • Treasure the blessings of their own families;
  • Approach relationships with love and with hope in the goodness of others;
  • Share the love of Christ with those who do not yet know Him;
  • Seek to be happy and generous husbands and wives, and fathers and mothers, when called to married life;
  • Seek to be happy and generous in their vocations when called to the priesthood
    or religious life;
  • Possess an integrated knowledge of academic disciplines in the arts and
  • Think deeply, logically, imaginatively, and prayerfully to make decisions according to right reason;
  • Communicate clearly through both the written and spoken word;
  • Participate confidently in athletic, artistic, and intellectual pursuits;
  • Embrace their civic duty to improve their communities through personal
  • Possess magnanimous character with generous hearts;
  • Appreciate profoundly The Good Shepherd Academy community, and consider themselves as sustaining members of it;
  • Serve as leaders in their college, parish, and social communities;
  • Utilize technology and media responsibly to foster authentic relationships;
  • Protect the dignity of the unborn, the aged, the poor, and the suffering;
  • Respect cultures and beliefs not their own always in Christian charity;
  • Thirst to acquire new knowledge continually;
  • Experience the true freedom that is the fruit of virtuous living;
  • Look forward with joyful hope to spending eternity with God in heaven.